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Paul Pierce is kinda, sort of a Piston

We already knew that Flip Saunders intended to put the four Piston All-Stars on the floor at the same time on Sunday, but we didn't know who the fifth guy would be. Luckily, instead of going with Dwyane Wade or Chris Bosh -- which would have been a cruel, cruel trick to play on the fans back at home -- he opted for a more neutral player:

Pistons Coach Flip Saunders said he intends to put his four players on the floor together at the same time ("It's only right," Billups said) on Sunday, with Boston's Paul Pierce -- "the fake Piston," Saunders said -- on the floor with them. "We'll run our plays. That will be the most relaxed time when I'm coaching the All-Star Game," Saunders said with a laugh. "We'll see how they do."

All-Star Game Has a Detroit Flavor [Washington Post]