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Chauncey Billups is Player of the Month

You've gotta think that his players are the biggest reason Flip has been named Coach of the Month three straight times, right? He certainly wasn't winning the award with the same regularity as coach of the T-Wolves. But as Krista Latham points out in today's Freep, while the honors have been bestowed freely on coach Flip this season, similar accolades have been slow to find Piston players...until now. Following Rip Hamilton being named Eastern Conference Player of the Week last week, Chauncey Billups one-upped his backcourt mate, having been named the Eastern Conference Player of the Month for January. Take a bow, Chauncey.

"That's a great, great honor," Billups said. "I've never got that before. I've been player of the week, but player of the month is a lot tougher to get because you have to do it over the course of four straight weeks."

Finally, NBA recognizes top Pistons [Detroit Free Press]