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"Don’t nobody play like this"

One of my favorite non-Pistons, Kevin Garnett, had this to say in the Minneapolis Star Tribune after the Pistons blowout win over the T-Wolves last night (their second blowout win over the T-Wolves in the last nine days):

"This is a well-oiled machine," Kevin Garnett said, held to a low-impact 14 points and 12 rebounds. "They know each other, they know when to turn it up, they know how to turn it up defensively, they don't have to communicate, they have that chemistry. A lot of variables go into their game.

"Twenty-nine [other] teams in the league, don't nobody play like this."

KG is obviously not of the Shaq-school of thought where--in the face of defeat (2004 NBA Finals with the Lakers; 2005 Eastern Conference Finals with Miami)--you moan about how you were the better team and should have or could have beaten the Pistons if only you had brought your "A game." Kazaam has been on damage control for most of this season--as I've mentioned before, the Heat have put up an 0-fer against the top four teams in the league (Pistons, Mavs, Spurs, Suns).

Pistons 90, Wolves 74 recap [Minneapolis Star Tribune]