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Vote on Carlos Delfino’s nickname!

Ian suggested last week that Carlos Delfino needs a nickname, and based on all of the suggestions in the comments, it appears a lot of our readers were thinking the same thing. After selecting some of our favorites, we're putting it up to vote -- go pick your favorite in the poll on the right!

You might also be interested in checking out this sweet Delfino highlight film from the first half of the season. The only catch is that the video is hosted at, and in order to view it you'll need to register for a free account if you don't have one already. But it's quick and painless, and worth it just to see the free-throw put-back against the Heat around the two-minute mark. I'd read about that play back in October but this is my first time seeing it live -- and as soon as I saw it I knew exactly what it was. I'll give you odds that Flip Saunders unveils that little trick in the playoffs.