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It’s official: Carlos Delfino is "Miami Vice"

What should Carlos Delfino's nickname be? The readers have spoken (well, at least 102 of them), and Miami Vice won by taking 40% of the vote. D-lite placed second with 26%, followed by Skipper (13%), Thumbs (10%), Del-tastic (7%) and Del-Fine-o (4%).

Even though "Miami Vice" was clearly the favorite among the six options, not everyone will be appeased -- there was a vocal clamoring in the comments for "Playstation," the monkier handed to Delfino by the crowd. It's a good one, and one that probably had a chance to win considering the steady influx of visitors the mods over at PF sent this way over the past couple of days. Plus, just today I got another excellent suggestion via email: Adam and his friends over at Western Michigan have been using "Del-Phenom." Too bad we didn't get that one in time either, because I probably would have voted for it.

Maybe we'll do a overtime match between Miami Vice, Playstation and Del-Phenom down the road, we'll see. But in the meantime, stay tuned for the next poll!