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Vote on your most hated rival!

Matt posed the question at the beginning of the month; who is your most hated Piston rival? Well, after the success of the last poll, we've decided to put this issue to a vote as well.

Your choices...

1) Miami Heat. Kazaam and Dwayne Wade have never been prone to passing too much credit the Pistons way, and their playoff-esque celebration after the recent win in Miami was as annoying as ever. Also, let us never forget that this team employs Alonzo Mourning. That should be worth a significant bump in the polls by itself.

2) Sacramento Kings. Is this the perfect storm--the most hated player in Detroit sports hooks up with one of the most hated franchises? The Kings were barely a blip on the radar before they trashed tha D in a bush-league pre-game video montage of burnt cars and abandoned buildings. They topped it off by adding Psycho Ron. Now every Detroit fan revels in the Kings' demise.

3) Los Angeles Lakers. Mamba may be the biggest reason to hate on the Lakers now, but let's not forget how arrogant and flashy Showtime has been ever since the days of Magic, Worthy, and Kareem. Even Kurt Rambis infuriates me to this day.

4) New Jersey Nets. Perennial whiners Richard Jefferson and Jason Kidd were joined last season by Vince Carter (after he started tanking games in Toronto, forcing them to trade him for 50 cents on the dollar). They have a little leprechaun named Lawrence Frank as coach. And annoying shots of Jason Kidd's son are a featured attraction during any national telecast. I hate this team.

5) Indiana Pacers. They were public enemy #1 for any self-respecting Piston fan during all of last season, but has the trade of Ron Ron and their substandard performance since softened this rivalry? Perhaps Jermaine O'Neal's recent comments will keep the hatred burning hot.

6) San Antonio Spurs. They're a team that evokes such hyphenated phrases as "Hard-working", "Fundamentally-sound", and "Team-oriented." Nothing to stir the inner hatred so far, right? But how about the words "NBA Champions" and "Manu Ginobili"? That do it for ya? Thought so.

Vote for your most hated in the poll on the right, and then tell us your reasoning in the comments section.