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Welcome the newest Piston, Tony Delk

A. Sherrod Blakely of MLive reports on his blog that Tony Delk, recently released by the Atlanta Hawks, will become the newest Piston sometime tomorrow morning. Delk joins the team as a second point guard option off the bench behind Lindsey Hunter. Blakely:

Obviously, Delk isn't going to be a player that's going to make a major impact on this team. But his presence shows that Joe D, to his credit, continues to cover all the bases in case things don't go as planned.

And Delk, to his credit, understands he's walking into a situation where minutes are not going to be there early on, and they may not come at all.

But a chance to win a title, at this stage of his career, was obviously an opportunity he felt was too good to pass up.

Delk has never shown much ability to distribute the ball. (He's averaged as many dimes during his career as Sheed.) But hey, he can score...kinda. (For his career, he's a 40% shooter, 34% from three.)

It will be interesting to see if Delk's arrival means the departure of Alex Acker. With the Pistons' roster set for the playoff run, Acker may be a candidate to join Amir Johnson with the Fayetteville Patriots of the NBDL.

It is rumored that the Pistons beat out the Jazz, Heat, Suns, and Lakers for Delk's services.

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