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"Winners should be rewarded. Losers should be cast aside."

If current Rockets coach Jeff Van Gundy were back with the Knicks--in the Eastern Conference--the Piston starters' chances of being named reserves for the East's All-Star squad would probably be improved by a vote. Here's Van Gundy, explaining his voting philosophy for the Western Conference reserves:

"I'm going to vote for all winners, nobody under .500 is getting a vote," Van Gundy said. "Anybody who wins, gets a vote. Anybody who loses? Sorry. Not that they're not good, they're very good, they're obviously great. But everyone's got their own criteria.

"Winners should be rewarded. Losers should be cast aside."

Of course, it's pretty easy for Van Gundy--with the Rockets sitting at 17-29--to cast aside other Western Conference losers now that his own All-Star candidates, Yao Ming and Tracy McGrady, have been elected by the fans to start. It's not as if David Wesley or Juwan Howard were waiting by the phone.

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