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Lindsey(6) v. Carlos (half-dozen)

So Lindsey Hunter is back, and the Pistons are hoping that he can give Chauncey the rest that Carlos Arroyo was apparently unable to.

The knock on Arroyo--he of the exceptional ball-handling and 'And 1' passing skills--is that he is limited defensively. And despite his proven ability to distribute the ball (he's still averaging over 10 assists per 48), he doesn't have the jumper or finishing skills to make his drives as effective as you'd like.

But is Lindsey really the answer to the Pistons' perceived backup point problems? While his defense against opposing points can create more fast break opportunities, he is not very good at running an offense. He struggles bringing the ball up the court against pressure, and his passing instincts on the those fast breaks he creates are maddening.

The point is this: Lindsey and Arroyo play different games, and their strengths lie at opposite ends of the court. Granted, both have weaknesses that will always be magnified while playing behind an MVP candidate, but having a pass-first point and a lockdown point on the bench come playoff time only increases the Pistons flexibility in dealing with differing types of offenses/defenses. Let's hope that the backup plan for Chauncey includes both players and that the Arroyo trade rumors are just bored speculation. I'm just as concerned about Lindsey bringing the ball up against the Pacers' D as I am over the thought of Arroyo isolated on AI or Jason Kidd. And I have to think that Flip will appreciate being able to use them interchangeably down the stretch.

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