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Chad Ford’s mancrush continues

Chad Ford might be feeling a bit like a jilted girlfriend now that the national media has fallen for the Pistons. After all, Ford was one of the first nationally to sing the praises of Joe and the Pistons back in the pre-championship days. He has been a staunch defender of every coaching/roster move since (including his infamous affair with Darko). Here's his latest love letter:

[Joe D's] team is the exact opposite of that of former teammate Isiah Thomas. The Knicks are trying to build a team on offensive firepower, potential and pizzazz. Instead of looking for bargains, Isiah tries to make a big splash with nearly every acquisition, no matter what the cost. He has double the payroll and half the wins, and almost none of the respect that Dumars has garned throughout the league. Dumars is the smartest man in basketball, and he is commissioner David Stern's greatest hope to reclaim all that is right and good about basketball -- given Stern's stated desire to have teams built on the foundation of good management and teamwork.

Also in today's daily dime, the increasingly well-respected Greg Anthony says that four Pistons should be All-Stars (with apologies to Tay Tay).

While I can see four Pistons in the game, I don't think it's fair to put all five in the game at the expense of a more deserving player.

That said, they are a unique team, in that they have no superstars, but rather five guys who could probably have better individual numbers if they played with other teams.

But I can't see putting Tayshaun Prince on the All-Star team at this point ahead of some other guys in the conference.

For instance, what about Michael Redd? The Bucks are winning, too, and Michael Redd is the main reason. It's not only about winning the most games -- sometimes it's about winning more than expected, and taking your team to another level. Redd does that, and lately Gilbert Arenas is doing the same thing with Washington.

As an aside, I never really thought of Greg Anthony in any role other than that of ESPN talking head. But after McCosky's article last week mentioning Anthony as a future GM prospect, I'm starting to notice that the guy definitely sets himself apart from other studio morons (e.g., Tim Legler, to name one glaring example).

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