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Denver loves Chauncey Billups

For Chauncey Billups, tonight's game in Denver isn't just another game out of 82, it's a homecoming. And the Denver Post's Jim Armstrong hopes the Pepsi Center fans will give Billups a standing O:

Don't stand because of what he has done on the court. Do it because of what he does everywhere else.

Because he has never forgotten his roots.

Because he wears his hometown and home state over his heart like a badge of honor.

Because he went to CU when he had his pick and choose of schools.

Because he continues to call Denver his offseason home.

Because of all those tickets he buys to CU games for underprivileged kids.

Because of his free clinic at the Hiawatha Davis Rec Center, where he once dreamed the dream.

Don't stand because he's famous. That's too easy. Stand because of how he has handled his fame. And for that matter, his failures.

Fans rise: Cheers to Chauncey [Denver Post, via Need 4 Sheed]