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Readers: show us your pics!

After taking a few pics at the Pistons-Wizards game this weekend, I had two thoughts: 1) I'm not (yet) a very good photographer; and 2) I'm sure someone out there is taking more (and better) pictures at Pistons games than I am.

Then it hit me: why not set up a Detroit Bad Boys group on Flickr to pool everyone's pics together? So I did.

For those that don't know what I'm talking about, Flickr is a really cool photo-sharing site. It's completely free to join, and after being bought by Yahoo! last year, chances are you already have a log-in for it -- just use your Yahoo ID, if you have one.

If you're already a member (or if you plan on becoming one), head over to the brand-spanking new Detroit Bad Boys group and add of your Pistons-related pics. (Of course, non-Flickr members can view the group pictures, too, but only members can add to the pool.)

As I write this, the group pool is only my five lonely (and unimpressive) pictures, but hopefully over time we'll get enough people adding that we'll see a fresh set of pics after every game. This is in no way limited to just pictures taken at actual games -- feel free to add any Pistons-related pictures, no matter if it's just you and your buddies sporting jerseys watching the game at home or a shot of your dog wearing a Big Ben afro. The goal is to simply get as many fan pics as possible, no matter the location or the event.

I know that our readers come from every corner of the globe -- what would be really cool would be if some of our non-Detroit readers contributed some pics -- I'd love to see a fan sporting a Bill Laimbeer jersey at a German biergarten, or someone with a Ben Wallace afro in Taiwan, or even just a die-hard fan braving the blowhards in Indiana wearing a Pistons shirt at a Pacers game.

Provided this takes off like I think it could, I might figure out a way to automatically integrate some of the user pics on the Detroit Bad Boys sidebar. But that's all in due time -- for now, let's see your pics!