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Vegas, baby (again)

Two things I've recently posted that came back to bite me in the arse:

Remember, only one team has beaten the Pistons more than once this season–the Memo-led mighty Jazz of Utah. That the Wizards/Zards/Bullets pulled out a double-OT win over the Pistons the last time the two teams met, should spell their doom on Saturday.
[Result: 'Zards 110, Pistons 92]

I'd be remiss if I didn't congratulate Daniel Horton and the Michigan Wolverines hoop squad for a great win over the Fighting Illini last night. With the win, the (other) Boys in Blue should have guaranteed themselves a spot in the NCAA tournament this season. And speaking of exorcising demons, the ghosts of the Brian Ellerbe era may have finally been vanquished.
[Result: Michigan plays tomorrow in the opening round...of the NIT]

So what do you do when you're on this type of hot streak? Go to Vegas, of course.

Yes, like Matt before me, I'm headed to Las Vegas for the next few days to enjoy all the fresh air, mountain climbing, and hiking that our nation's desert Southwest has to offer. Yeah, right. It's the first four days of the NCAA tourney and St. Patty's Day to boot. I'll be lucky to even see the sun, let alone revel in it. So wish me luck, and let's hope the Pistons take down the Raps tonight (preferably by more than 7, wink wink).

[And, hey, if you've got some NCAA sleeper/upset insights, post them in the comments.]