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Plate don’t lie!

Rip Hamilton bobbleheadKrista Latham profiles Shawn Loving, who is Rip Hamilton's personal chef, in today's Free Press. It's worth reading just for quotes like this:

Besides Hamilton's palette, Loving also had to learn his language.

"I found if he says, 'This is banging,' that's a good thing," Loving said. "Or 'off-the-chart,' or 'yes, sir' -- all these mean it was good. It worked."

"The plate doesn't lie," Loving said. "If it's empty and he sits back and catches his breath and kind of looks like a bobblehead, you hit a dish on. If you see he's not attacking the plate, well, you shouldn't have to ask, 'Did you like it?' "

Sounds like Loving has a little Rasheed in him. Plate don't lie!

FLAVOR OF LOVE: Chef Loving's menus keep Pistons' Hamilton fueled [Detroit Free Press]