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World according to Wizznutzz: Darvin does Manila

We have some lovely parting gifts for you, Darvin. The Wizznutzz are at it again. In their never-ending quest to make Wizards off days more entertaining than Wizards game days, they have cobbled together a semi-fictional (we hope) chronology of former-Piston Darvin Ham's exploits in the Phillipine Basketball Association. By their account, since leaving the Pistons after last season, Darvin has 1) been named official ombudsman of wizznutzz, 2) been named the Phillipines' Minister of Agriculture, and 3) become intimately knowledgeable of former Maryland Terrapin Steve Blake's fetishes.

(Our guess? None of this would have been possible without the ring.)

Ok, yeah, so things have been quiet here [WizzNutzz]