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Video Rasheed plays in the snow, a video game site, recently caught up with Rasheed Wallace for an interview.

IGN Sports: Every time I see you, you're sporting the Air Force Ones. How did that become your shoe of choice?

Rasheed Wallace: I love Air Force Ones. That's the shoe I grew up with in Philadelphia. My older brothers got me wearing them and I just stuck with them. Everyone in the neighborhood used to wear them. It's retro. It's tradition. That's me, old school.

IGN Sports: Are you old school when it comes to music as well?

Rasheed Wallace: You can say that. Not saying that a lot of rap and R&B is crazy these days, but give me some Isley Brothers or Run DMC or Sly and the Family Stone. Like I said, I'm old school.

It's worth checking out if you're a fan of Rasheed, though I'm perplexed by their unexplained choice of pictures:

Rasheed Wallace playing in the snow

Is he playing at a ski resort?Maybe Bill Davidson hooked him up with a pass to Pine Knob. While some of those other players are so cold they need to play in tights, Rasheed's game is so hot he plays in the snow.

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