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Yay Pistons! Boo illiteracy!

Thanks to Natalie over at Need 4 Sheed, we were made aware of the Piston bobblehead pins now being sold at the Palace Locker Room, the official store of the Boys in Blue.

At only $2 a piece, they seem the ideal way to show your Piston spirit in settings where your Orlando Woolridge throwback might be seen as inappropriate. And -- an even better reason to pick up a couple -- the proceeds are going to charity. Here's the details, from the Palace Locker Room website:

Rock Financial presents Pistons bobblehead pins in Pistons home, road and alternate jerseys. Your donation will benefit the Pistons-Palace Foundation to instill a life-long love of reading in today's youth. Collect your bobblehead pins and show your Pistons spirit by "Goin' to Work" to help promote literacy.

A bobblehead Piston and a couple bucks to charity? Now that, my friends, is crazy delicious. Hell, you could even write off the purchase on your taxes next year, since it is a charitable donation. Just about the only problem I have with these little guys is the lack of fro'age on Ben's home white likeness. Seems to me they missed a genuine opportunity to go with the all-out Troll-doll style blowout fro. But perhaps I'm splitting hairs here...

Wait, a home jersey Ben with no fro? Blasphemy...

Piston bobblehead pins [Palace Locker Room]