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More NBA lookalikes

If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, the insane genius behind Wizznutzz must be blushing right now, because we're completely ripping off one of the best features. In homage to their popular Separated at Birth feature, we're going to occasionally post our own NBA lookalikes. Have any suggestions? Tell us in the comments.

Ian just posted the Lawrence Frank/Doogie Howser shots, and in case you missed it, on Friday we kicked things off with Jeff Foster and Freddie Mercury:

Jeff Foster is Freddie Mercury

Their personalities couldn't be more different, but this one is too easy -- Rick Carlisle and Jim Carrey:

Rick Carlisle is Jim Carrey

Anyone out there know if Carlos Delfino laughs at his own jokes? Because as Travis pointed out, Delfino is the spitting image of Jimmy Fallon:

Carlos Delfino is Jimmy Fallon

Why so serious, you two? Lighten up!

Carlos Delfino is Jimmy Fallon... again

Darko Milicic may have a better jumper, but there are a lot of disappointed fans in Detroit who think John Mayer has just as much of a chance of making an All-Star team someday (Thanks again, Travis):

Darko Milicic is John Mayer

Edit: Here's one from last Janauary (thanks for the reminder, Angela and Ian): Manu Ginobili is Balki Bartokomous... er, Bronson Pinchot:

Manu Ginobili is Balki Bartokomous

Edit: Zaza Pachulia may be from Eastern Europe, but he stands for America! No, I'm serious, he literally stands for America in the New York Harbor... (thanks for the tip, Angela!):

Zaza Pachulia is the Statue of Liberty