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One time is a fluke, twice is a coincidence, three times…

Question of the day: does Joanne Gerstner read Detroit Bad Boys?

From her Detroit News "blog" on Friday (added emphasis is mine):

We all have our fantasies. In my next life, I am coming back as a 5-11 tennis phenom who kicks ass all over the world. Until that day comes, I have to be me. Spurs PG Tony Parker, when he's not busy being embarassed by his 5-foot dominatrix girlfriend Eva Longoria, wants to be a rapper. well, Tony....hmmm. I guess if CWebb and KFed are allowed to rap, the mike is open to you too. But this one is going to end like our Free World homie from Cranbrook in 8 Mile getting chewed up by BRabbit. Since Tony raps en francais, I am going to give my review en francais. Tony, votre rap skillz c'est maird. Quel dommage. But I will let you judge his mad mike love for yourself: y'all were warned.... Out of the mouths of babes from Pistons land: a kid made a very powerful observation the other day - why do Tony Delk and Hooper have the same number (00)? Could it be that Tony and Hooper are one in the same? ... : )

Seems to me we told you about Tony Parker rapping on Thursday. Maybe she saw it on Deadspin, which saw our post and ran with it, but even they credited us (twice) in their post. Heck, even picked up on it and gave us a link -- you'd think our own local media would show us some love. But hey, maybe it's a fluke thing, perhaps we both stumbled across the link at the same time... But didn't we also make that Tony Delk/Hooper observation last week? Huh, another coincidence.

Now scroll down a bit on that "blog" and you'll also find this entry by Dana Wakiji on March 16th:

I think Dave Chappelle is a Mike James fan

I can't help it, every time they say Mike James' name on TV or the radio, all I think of is that Chappelle skit of Rick James.

Great minds think alike, because we made that very same point a week earlier on March 9th...

I know, I know, these aren't earth-shattering similarites, and to be perfectly honest I wouldn't be all that surprised if they really were just coincidences -- we don't own the patent on making quirky observations, pop culture references or random word combinations for titles (see Ian's Darko Redux from Jan. 9 and Gerstner's title from Feb. 22). But man, after a while, it just makes you think, especially when you see national radio hosts admitting to lifting material from blogs.

So, on a completely *cough* different *cough* sidenote, I think we might need a new tagline. Ian suggests "Detroit Bad Boys: As always, one step ahead of the local media." I'm thinking "Detroit Bad Boys: Where the local media gets their Pistons fix."

Anyone else have an idea? Tell us in the comments.