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Amir Johnson puts on a show

Amir Johnson may be down in the minors, but he's not forgotten. The above video is from the 2005 McDonalds All-American High School Slam Dunk contest -- it's almost a year old, but I just found it and I'm guessing it's also new to most of you.

Johnson is certainly making the most of his time in the D-League -- in just 26 minutes, he's averaging 16.2 points with 7.0 rebounds -- including 3.1 offensive boards per game. (Per 48 minutes, that's 30.2 points and 12.9 boards.) He's also shooting an amazing .639 from the field -- I think it's safe to assume that a lot of his points are coming off of dunks, though maybe not dunks quite as impressive as those in the video above. From the little I've seen of Johnson, he looks like he could be a keeper. It'll be interesting to see how/if he develops for the Pistons outside of the glare that the last 18-year-old they drafted faced.

[Edit: According to the Detroit News, Johnson and Alex Acker will re-join the Pistons today for a few days, as Fayetteville has the week off. The two rookies will head back down once Fayetteville at the end of the week.]

Amir [YouTube]