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Vote on your favorite ‘Bad Boys’-era Piston!

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As much Laimbeer-pimping as I've done around here recently, my favorite former-Piston should be obvious. But we'd like to know your favorite of the Bad Boys-era Pistons.

Granted, this is similar to asking someone to choose just one favorite ice-cream (Chocolate Fudge Brownie), or just one favorite Bill Murray movie (Ghostbusters), or even just one favorite Shaq album (definitely, the Kazaam soundtrack), but here are your choices, nonetheless:
The Bad Boys.

Mark Aguirre
Joe Dumars
James Edwards
Vinnie Johnson
Bill Laimbeer
Rick Mahorn
Dennis Rodman
John Salley
Isiah Thomas

So, have at it. Vote for your favorite in the poll at the right of the screen. (And apologies to the legions of David Greenwood fans, who may feel a bit slighted.)