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More Big Ben contract talk

More of the same regarding Ben's imminent resigning, from Chris Sheridan's ESPN chat today:

Mike, Houston TX: What are the chances that the overrated Ben Wallace does not re-sign this offseason with the Pistons?

Chris Sheridan: (1:26 PM ET ) I spoke with Ben about it on Tuesday night. He's doing his deal without an agent, which has to mean he's going to stay in Detroit. If he was going to play the market, he's have an agent do it. He's more concerned about not having to pay an agent four percent of his contract at this point in his career.

Newsworthy here is Houston Mike's description of Ben as "overrated". Well, overrated or not, he's angling towards two rings. How's that whole Yao and T-Mac thing going, anyway?

[Sheridan text courtesy of the MLive Pistons Forum.]

Chat wrap: Chris Sheridan [ESPN]