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Bogut-Sheed II

A rebuttal of sorts from the Milwaukee Bucks Diary:

To set the record straight with the authors of the DetroitBadBoys blog, in a recent post I did not compare Bogut in anyway to the present day Rasheed Wallace. They are not comparable, obviously. I don't think the post even implied that they were, to be fair.

I merely was pointing out that Wallace, in his rookie season, was the same age and had many of the exact same experiences and challenges that Bogut has faced in his rookie season and that he, too, struggled to find his way.

But we didn't confuse his argument; the main point of Ian's previous post was this: "In my opinion, Bogut is much closer now to his talent ceiling than the extremely raw Rasheed was with Washington." But alas, it was an interesting comparison, which is why it caught our eye in the first place, and the numbers alone do provide reason for hope in 2006-07, which everyone seems to agree will be the true measuring stick for Bogut's development.

Bogut, Wallace, and Detroit's 'Bad Boys' [Milwaukee Bucks Diary]
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