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"That Dude got Tayshaun’d"

Getting Tayshauned!You know how it goes. One day you wake up and everyone is suddenly using your name as a part of speech other than the 'proper noun'? They say things like "That was just about the most Ian movie I’ve ever seen!"...or, "I really Ian’d that test today."...or, "Don’t make me get all Ian Cameron on your ass!"

(Yeah, so that obviously never happens to me.)

But Tayshaun Prince knows what this phenomenon feels like. According to, the words "Tayshaun Prince" now mean so much more than just the lanky, 6’9" small forward for the Boys in Blue. And it all came to be as a result of Tay’s dramatic, game-saving block of Reggie Miller’s layup in Game 2 of the 2004 Eastern Conference Finals against the Pacers.
[Note: Tay's block against the Pacers is the last shown in the linked Tayshaun highlight video, but the entire video is worthwhile. Watch for Tay's moves on Ginobili, Lebron, and AI, amongst others.]

Check out the following definitions for Tay Tay, posted by Urban Dictionary:

1. Tayshaun Prince: When you think you have a chance at scoring only to get rejected in the end.

Man: Hey, do you want to go out?
Woman: No thanks.

Random Guy: Holy sh*t.
Random Dude: That dude got Tayshaun'd.

2. Tayshaun Prince: When something comes out of nowhere to completely change everything

John thought he was going to hook up with the girl until some other dude Tayshauned her away.

5. Tayshaun Prince: the best player currently in the nba.... he could reach his toes w/o even bending down....cuz he has like a 10 ft wingspan...he is the best player ever - even better than michael jordan or jannero pargo

Tayshaun Prince is better than Jason Richardson

Tayshaun Prince is better than Kirk Hinrich

Okay, so that last one was included solely for its mention of Jannero Pargo, which I found humorous, but I kid you not -- those first two entries were approved by a 74-11 margin by the Urban Dictionary voters (11 of whom are obviously Pacer fans). It must be quite the ego boost to reach verb status in the English language.

Here's a few of our own NBA-inspired dictionary entries:

Manu Ginobili: increasingly overrated and annoying, mostly because of praise disproportionate to overall abilities

Random Girl: That Ashley Simpson chick is really getting on my nerves lately. What has she ever done anyway?
Another Random Girl: Yeah, she's so Manu Ginobili, it's not even funny.

Vince Carter: forcibly effecting a desired outcome through mediocrity/inaction; see also "Alonzo Mourning"

In an effort to gain release from his recording contract with Warner Bros., Prince proceeded to Vince Carter the final few albums so that they would grant him his release.

Ron Artest: F'n crazy

"Sorry I got a little Ron Artest on you last night, but it was just really difficult to see the two of you together. It's fine though, it's's just that...well, I'm having a hard time getting over "us", you know. And, well, I just don't understand what I ever did to you to deserve this. Why are you doing this to me! I hate you! I hate that I love you!"

Got another suggestion? Let us know...

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