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27 (mostly bad) reasons not to like Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan doesn\'t even know how to dunk rightGrowing up watching basketball in the Bad Boys era, being a Pistons fan went hand in hand with hating Michael Jordan and the Bulls. There was no ambiguity and no exceptions. Open and shut case.

But what I didn't realize was that there were Bulls fans out there that also hated Jordan. Not many, I'm sure, but apparently some, and at least one of those fans created a web site documenting why: The Anti-Jordan Page -- Reasons NOT to worship MJ

I stumbled across this site a few days ago, and I'm glad I did -- it's like stepping into a time machine. It's one of those free Geocities sites and hasn't been updated since 1999, complete with gloriously bad web design and graphics and an annoying javascript alert box that pops up before the page finishes loading. Better yet, though, are the delightfully venomous arguments, many of which are so illogical that only an emotionally-frustrated fan could say them with a straight face.

2) MJ has a HUGE EGO and shows off!
*Against the Lakers in the Finals, Jordan switched hands during a layup UNNECESSARILY!
*He's taken foul shots with his eyes closed to rub it in to the other team that the Bulls were winning.
*Even though he's the greatest DOESN'T mean he can show off. Pippen, Walt Williams, Stockton for example, don't show off!
*Jordan is an athlete before an entertainer

Who can't get behind this reason? I can't count the number of times I watched Jordan play and thought, "Why can't he be more like Walt Williams?"

5) Each game MJ wears a new pair of sneakers, & if he played a bad 1st half, he'll put on a brand new pair during halftime!
* How corny! It's not his shoes having a bad game!

8) He feels that he should get away with fouling. Proof: He always has a "Do u know who I am look?" when he's called for a foul. Allegedly, he actually said it to a ref.
*MJ's the best, but he's not to be excluded from the rules--great players should play by the rules, right?

Right on! Pistons fans have no respect for any player who complains to the refs about calls -- er, nevermind . . .

16) After his "retirement," a statue was built in front of the United Center. Meaning: When Jordan came back, his statue still stands tall (inflating his ego more) & disrespecting the other current players of the Bulls.
(That isn't his fault, but it's still another reason)

18) Jordan returned to the NBA after failing at baseball. He can't stick with something that's too hard for him!

He's a complete and utter failure!

19) He has his very own HUGE restaurant in Chicago. Other celebrities work with others. (Planet Hollywood, Hard Rock Cafe, All Star Cafe & those who have their OWN, Larry Bird, Dan Marjerle...are not as close to being as big).

So not only does he have his own restaurant, but he has his own big restaurant! What a jerk.

21) His sneakers just keep getting uglier & uglier but people will buy them cuz "it's Michael's".

Actually, I think he's really on to something with this one . . .

What would drive someone to put together such a ridiculous awesome list of reasons not to like Jordan? From the "Editor's Statement:"

I wrote this because I wanted to show "the other" side to Jordan. Everybody already knows he's the best & he's a great role model. I just want everybody to know that he's HUMAN & "Air" Jordan has his faults, too. I could just leave his reputation alone--but why should I? EVERY celeb, EVERY athelete, every politcian gets slandered & picked apart! Why shouldn't Jordan? Why should he be untouched? Just because he's the best? Well, the best in every field gets criticized--MJ's no different!

You have to love the rationale -- everyone gets slandered, so why shouldn't Jordan? I really feel for this guy, growing up a Bulls fan but not drinking the No. 23 Kool-Aid. I just hope he's still OK -- part of me wonders if the reason it hasn't been updated since 1999 is because he jumped off the John Hancock building after Jordan returned to the Wizards.

What about you guys? Tell us your reasons why we shouldn't like Michael Jordan -- the more awesomely bad twisted logic the better!

Reasons NOT to worship MJ [Anti-Jordan Page]