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Carlos Delfino habla Español

So you thought we were done with the Carlos Delfino threads for a while, huh? You thought his up and down play of late would quiet our incessant cheerleading for #20? Not a chance... NBA en Español recently had Carlos create a series of captions for several humorous photos from around the league. Sounds like a great idea, right? There's only one catch; the captions are entirely in Spanish. (We're told that we should have known that, considering that it was done for NBA en Español.)

Anyways, manual translation is bound to tax our rather mediocre undergraduate foreign language skillz. So, rather than subject you to our butchering of the language, we've decided to rely upon one of those online Spanish to English translation machines to provide a few of Carlos' captions to you in English. Those things are about 100% accurrate, right? (Of course they are!) Here goes...

Carlos frowns upon poor grooming habits.

"I see a great friend fighting by the ball... but honestly both they need to visit the peluquero and Pau to the barber"

Heh...see there, it worked. He's clearly making fun of Pau Gasol's lumberjack motif. Good on ya, Carlos! (We'll give our master translation machine a bit of a pass for missing peluquero, which my good friend who speaks the language explained to me means "male hairdresser".)

He is so deep.

"' Sheed' is a type that everybody thinks that he is crazy but she is a great person, is very but very intelligent, much more who very many people. He is shining. The first time which I saw with that belt it seemed to me something unusual and it was the first time that personally saw one of boxing champion. He is something very original and since then several players also use it."

Sheed is very intelligent. Sheed is shining. Sheed has a championship belt. But what's this "she" stuff Carlos? You had better watch that...

Style is everything.

"a style Is everything... these glasses used them once more... does not seem very fashionable and that but did not work to him. Hardly the party began did not see a pair of balls that happened to him, all we were ed ***reflx mng in the bank because it wanted to see itself well, obtained it but it did not see anything with them... "

See, Carlos is our kinda guy. "style Is everything" -- even with caps to emphasize the "is". We can tell this one is going to be a good one. Like when he says "Hardly the party began did not see a pair of..." Whoa...that took a turn for the weird, didn't it? Moving on... (quickly)

Bare Manu? What tha...

"It seems a great player of rugby... but I recognized it, that it is bare Manu by which is remaining and by the great nose... soon it will look oneself like Zidane..."

We're all over the map here. I get the rugby thing -- he's running with the ball -- but you could have scored some cool points with the Detroit fans, Carlos, by calling him a "football player". We don't really get rugby here. Anyways, he then mentions Zidane, whom I am almost positive is a highly regarded soccer player in Europe. I guess this comparison would be quite complimentary to Manu then. (Don't fall victim to his wily charms, Carlos. Don't do it!) Then there's this "bare Manu" and "great nose" stuff... Um, again, moving on...

Sheed can see the future.

"Here it seems as if Rasheed was watching the future in a crystal ball... hopefully that that future is with a ring of the NBA."

Ah, okay. I think we're back on track now (whew). Remember folks, even though Carlos was drafted with Darko in '03, he played in Europe his first season (the championship season), and was left off the playoff roster last year. This postseason will be his first taste of playoff basketball, and hopefully, as he says, it'll end with a "ring of the NBA" for him.

So what have we learned from this exercise? Based upon our online translator, Carlos Delfino is either a really funny guy...or he's a bit of a weirdo. We'll let you decide. Seriously though, it's good to see that he has taken to being a Piston after a rough rookie year under Larry Brown. Again, despite his inconsistent play of late, we still think he's going to be great...whether he continues to obsess over Manu's nose or not.

For more photos and awkwardly translated captions, check out the completely translated page.

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