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Delfino clarifies statements

The Free Press caught up with Carlos Delfino to ask him about the interview published earlier this week in which he seemed to suggest he wanted to miss the playoffs to play for Aregentina in the South American Championships:

The report said Delfino wanted to leave the Pistons during their playoff run. Delfino said it was false. He said the interview was conducted in Spanish and he wasn't aware that the story would be written in English.

"They asked me about that and I said, 'Sorry, I will not go with (team Argentina) ... It's right in time for the (NBA) Finals," Delfino said before Friday's game in Toronto. "I don't know who made the translation. I thought the story was in Spanish. And when I heard (about it), I said, 'Who made the translation? It's not the same.' "

But one point of the story is the same: Delfino has been frustrated with his playing time. Before Friday, he averaged six minutes over the last five games.

"Everybody wants to be playing," Delfino said. "For sure, I want to play more."

This story, which never really was one in the first place, is officially closed.

PISTONS CORNER: Starters to get break; Maxiell gets more time [Detroit Free Press]