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Come On, Rip!

Come On, Rip!

Don't ask, because I have no idea. I think it was inspired by that game against Orlando that Rip missed to attend a funeral. Can anyone else provide a translation of this page from Chinese? Because Google's translation is making my head hurt. All I know is that the picture definitely reminded me of the GO! Pistons and Friends gallery over at MGoBlog.

[Edit:] Man, I love audience participation -- DBB reader "woa" provided a rough translation/explanation for the site:

only the first few lines were about that pic, about why he made it.
Obviously there’s some death in his(her) auntie’s family, due to which he didn’t make it to the game in orlando, didn’t get to see aroyyo again, and his team(the pistons of course) lost by 2. So he tried to ‘neutralize’ the sadness(bad karma, whatever) by doing something of a happier note –in his case drawing this cartoon. It’s a superstition held by the chinese, but I’m surprised to see young people –which he looks like to me — take that seriously enough.

he also said he’s gonna send a larger version to the and keep an even larger version for his own desktop.

the kid looks like a fanatic pistons fan (don’t we all). he hates the spurs with a passion, but somehow is a manu fan (WTF?) and hates the way manu’s being used by the spurs and wants him out of san antonio. he also likes mavs and dirk (because only they pose a threat to the Spurs in the west?) and casts a curse on the phoenix team. lol. a weird funny kid

Thanks, woa!