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Detroit Bad Boys on The Basketball Jones’ playoff preview podcast

FYI, I repped Detroit Bad Boys for Episode 014 of The Basketball Jones podcast, with J.E. Skeets and Tas Melas last night. All 8 playoff teams from the Eastern Conference were profiled by a blogger, and the Boys in Blue/Detroit Bad Boys were the first out tha box as the #1 seed.

Skeets and Tas have quite the production going on up there in Canadia, and the final product is first-rate. To download the mp3, right click and select "save as" here.

[And before you stat heads dip too far into the numbers, yes I blew the Pistons' record against the Heat over the past three seasonsIt's actually 13-5 over the past 3, not 18-5 over the past 4., but no, I am still not dissuaded from my (over?)confidence.]

TBJ: Eastern Playoffs Preview [The Basketball Jones]