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National consensus: Bucks bagged in 4

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Now I don't mean to suggest that there is no chance, but...No one should be surprised that I'm calling for a Pistons sweep over the Bucks in round 1. Despite my occasional rants on all things Lindsey or Ben's abysmal offense, I still walk the line of confidence/cockiness when it comes to the Boys in Blue.

But I was a bit surprised as to how many hoop heads from the national media and blogdom have joined me in breaking out the brooms for this series (especially given the outcome thus far in our DBB poll, where -- at the time of posting -- close to half of you are still sandbagging).

Here's just a sampling of what those around the Internet are saying about this series.

Sean Deveney of The Sporting News:

This is just not a good matchup for Milwaukee. Detroit's defense can shut down the Bucks, but the Pistons can play up-tempo with Milwaukee, if necessary. Take Detroit in a sweep.

David Dupree of USA Today:

The Pistons in four games. It's all business now, and they have a point to prove.

Chris Sheridan of ESPN Insider:

Detroit's experience will be the determining factor in each fourth quarter, but the Bucks have the right combination of size, speed and shooting to keep up with the Pistons. Detroit in 4.

Tony Mejia of CBS Sportsline:

Despite having an opportunity to be seeded much higher as April began, Milwaukee floundered and ended up with the matchup nobody in the Eastern Conference desired. Ultimately, that will be its downfall, although taking a few lumps from a trend-setter won't hinder its development. Detroit has magical chemistry, set a franchise-record for wins and knows how to avoid any postseason letdowns. That will likely spell trouble for the Bucks. [Pistons in 4]

Bill Simmons of ESPN (our lone dissenter):

Pistons in 5.

[Sadly no extensive commentary from Simmons on this matchup. I would have loved to see how he could have worked Larry Bird, Jessica Simpson, and/or some 1980s pro-wrestling reference into this discussion, since he does so in every other. For the record, I'm on the fence about Simmons. I used to like his stuff a lot; now, I'm luke warm. But when he, in a moment of pure genious, combines two of my greatest loves -- the NBA playoffs and Pearl Jam -- as he did in today's Playoff Preview column...well, he's moving back towards my good side again. I'm sure that means the world to him.]

So, after witnessing the love that the Pistons are getting from the national folks, are you feeling confident yet? Are you ready to join the sweep side? Give us your thoughts on the series in the comments.

More playoff coverage to come...

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