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Yet another reason to like Bill Walton

A while ago, when I told you all how much I like Bill Walton, some actually agreed with me. But many of you thought it was nothing more than a traveshamockery. Well, here's yet another reason to like Big Red: his picks for this year's NBA regular season hardware, revealed during his ESPN Sportsnation chat earlier today. (Link courtesy of MLive's Full-Court Press.)

Bill Walton: There is nothing better than the NBA playoffs. I can't wait for things to get rolling. I'm going to put on Neil Young's new album again and get that last sip I saved of Larry Bird's new red wine. I'll be watching and when all is said and done we'll know who the best of the best really is. Thanks everyone, enjoy the ride and let's have a great game every time out! And to close it out, here are my picks for this year's NBA awards

MVP: Chauncey Billups
Coach of the Year: Flip Saunders
Most improved: Boris Diaw
Defensive Player: Bruce Bowen
Sixth Man: Mike Miller
Rookie of the Year: Chris Paul

Come on. You cannot tell me it wouldn't be hilarious to grab a beer with this guy.Now I'm sure some of you will find fault with his choice of Bruce Bowen as Defensive Player of the Year, and some of you might take issue with his choice in music. But in my humble opinion Walton's Billups (MVP) and Flip (coach of the year) picks show much more love to the Boys in Blue than the trite and typical Big Ben for DPOY ballot. Not enough people are talking about the phenomenal job Flip has done this season, and Chauncey for MVP has gotten kinda lost in the Lebron/Kobe shuffle over the past two weeks (though the guys over at Bucks Diary are getting quite a laugh out of Chauncey's self-led campaign over the past week).

Now that you know Walton isn't as anti-Piston as perceived, maybe some of you will be more apt to appreciate the flair with which he approaches his job as color man. It makes the game experience that much better, trust me.

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