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Update! Kukoc is out for Game 1

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You notice how fairly insignificant news appears much more important when placed in the title of a post? That's definitely what's going on here.

I'm fairly certain that this is the last headline Toni will garner outside of his native Croatia. But in what has been damn near a vacuum with regards to significant subplots in this series, Toni Kukoc and back spasms is what you get. Therefore, allow me to break down the impact that Kukoc's injury will have on this series.

    absolutely none

There it is.

Perhaps if we were talking about the spritely youth shown immediately below, the loss could have some lasting effect on the series...

Back when being Toni Kukoc was cool.

But alas, the 37 year-oldDamn, I feel old. Kukoc has seemingly reached the conclusion of his mostly productive career. As it stands now, the most sigificant impact of his loss will be felt in the TNT broadcast booth, where the talking-heads will be forced last-minute to come up with a half-hour of material to replace all the "gray hair" jokes they had queued up for Kukoc. See for yourself: the Panther is now older, grayer, and slightly larger.

Kukoc, doing his best Fat Elvis impersonation.

Notes: Kukoc will miss Game 1 [Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel]