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A primer for Bucks fans

Last weekend, we asked the writers of Bucks Diary to share their wit and wisdom with the readers of Detroit Bad Boys, offering up a Milwaukee fan's perspective to the first-round matchup between the Pistons and Bucks. The result was a remarkably honest assessment -- brutally honest, one might say -- and it's definitely worth a read if you haven't checked it out already.

In exchange, Ian and I collaborated on a post to appear on their site, giving their readers a quick guide to the Pistons, attempting to point out some things that may not be readily apparent to their readers who may only see Detroit play a couple of times a year. Even though most of our readers don't fall under that category, we thought you still might want to check it out. (You might be surprised -- for one, we actually made it all the way through without heaping praise on Carlos Delfino.) Our post was originally supposed to run before Game 1,Perhaps they were too busy making sausage, churning cheese or bottling beer -- you know how things get in Wisconsin... but it's still highly relevant for the rest of the series.

Guest Post from [Bucks Diary]