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Bill Laimbeer and Rick Mahorn preach civility

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The following quote in Monday's Milwaukee Journal Sentinel peaked my interest:

[Rasheed Wallace] spent timeouts giving ex-Bad Boy Rick Mahorn righteous grief for a really funny spot Mahorn cut with Bill Laimbeer.

Considering our love of all things Bad Boys around here, the comment was intriguing (especially since the story got no immediate play in the local papers). But today, the Detroit News gives us a bit more detail:

[Rick Mahorn and Bill Laimbeer] reminded the crowd in the third quarter not to be disruptive or unsportsmanlike, per NBA rules. It's the same rules that are read aloud at every NBA game. Except Laimbeer and Mahorn put a new spin on them.

Cut-ins of Laimbeer's angry on-court eruptions from back in the day were intermixed with his statements of what not to do. The Palace crowd loved the announcement, drawing hearty cheers and laughs. Good to know that the brilliant minds at the Palace are bringing their A game for the playoffs. And I've got a new mission in life: to see that clip.

Meanwhile, if any of you were lucky enough to have attended Game 1 against the Bucks -- and bore witness to the aforementioned clip -- tell us about it in the comments. We want details!

keeping the peace.

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