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Terry Stotts: "It’s hard out there for a pimp"

Stotts has resorted to pelvic thrusts in order to get his point across.In our never-ending quest to find something remotely controversial about this series, we now bring you Terry Stotts' delusional ramblings. It seems that Stotts has taken issue with the foul disparity in game one of Pistons v. Bucks. When asked if his team was being "treated like an 8th seed," Stotts told Chris Sheridan of ESPN's Daily Dime:

"Yeah, that's about how I saw it," Stotts said. "Them and San Antonio are probably the two most physical teams in the league, yet both of them go to the foul line more than anyone else."

Thankfully, A. Sherrod Blakely is on the case. On his blog today, Blakely pulls back the veil on the Bucks' less-than-credible conspiracy theory.

Here's a little factoid I'm assuming the Bucks totally glossed over since the Game 1 loss.

They came into this series averaging 23.2 personal fouls per game. On Sunday, they committed 25 - and that total includes two intentional fouls against Ben Wallace. In other words, they essentially fouled at the same clip they did during the regular season.

Detroit averaged 18.5 fouls committed per game this season. On Sunday, they were called for 17. That too is pretty close to what they did during the season.

Blakely also touches on Milwaukee's one-dimensional, perimeter style of play. I personally feel that this style directly correllates to their lack of free throws. How exactly do the Bucks plan to draw fouls and earn points at the charity stripe if the majority of their shots are from the perimeter? The Big Canuck, Jamaal Magloire, led the team in free throw attempts during Game 1 not because he took the most shots, but because he was one of the few players consistently in the lane.

A 34-10 advantage in foul shot attempts looks noteworthy; but when you realize that the foul disparity was only 25-17, you can quickly surmise that the Pistons were just more aggressive, and thus drawing more shooting fouls.

Were you wondering what the pimp reference was for?[Yeah, so the title of this post is only loosely related to the content. Did you really expect me to just wait around until an opportunity to squeeze in a "pimp" reference arose? But if you really want me to tie in the whole "pimp" theme, check out this photo of Stotts back in the day. Now that, my friends, is pimpness personified.]

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