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Dave Wieme doesn’t hold back

Dave Wieme doesn't hold back in his latest blog post on, talking about his experience handing out prizes on Fan Appreciation Night:

Wow…if you want to see fanatical behavior, sprinkled with some selfishness and a dash of greed, take some trinkets into the stands and start throwing them out to people. Children become grabby, greedy, whining gnomes, hell bent on getting an antennae ball for a car they don’t own. Women become maniacal carnivores, knocking over their young and stepping on them to get to a pack of Pistons playing cards. And grown men turn into rabid, All-American caliber linebackers as they jostle, block and flatten anyone in their way of a Pistons plastic slinkie.

The kids I guess I can understand, but people…geezzzzzz…what’s wrong with you? Is it really THAT important to take something home from the game? Can’t you just be happy with memories and your ticket stub?

I love the fact that Dave uses his space to offer up his actual thoughts and observations that come with working for the organization instead of just passing along calculated P.R. prose. Hopefully, with the start of the playoffs we'll see more of his writing, because it's always an entertaining read for the fans.

Hey Uecker, You Stink! []

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