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Glad that\'s finished...No extensive game summary. No cute recaps. In honor of the Pistons effort on Saturday night in Milwaukee, I'm going to mail this one in. I'm sure we'll post more reactions to this game tomorrow, but for now, f-it.

We got our wish, Pistons fans. While everyone, including the Boys in Blue, were ready to write off the remainder of the series, the Bucks decided that they hadn't had their say yet. In retrospect, no one should know the psychological rejuvenation of returning home after two blowout losses better than the Pistons and us fans. (Last year? San Antonio? Work with me here people.) Let's hope this game has sufficiently stamped out whatever ego allowed this team to half-heartedly walk their way through this game. Tay? Ben? Sheed (after the first quarter)? We'll need you all on Monday.

I'm sure you guys have more rational thoughts than my own at this point. What did you think? (Sam, Ty, I think we'd all appreciate your take on this one.)

I need a drink.

In closing, I leave you with this haiku:

Bucks: 60%
They threw their best punch tonight.
Dee-troit Basketball?

Bucks 124, Pistons 104 box score [ESPN]