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Reader Pics of the Week: Great Seats and Mean Dogs

The Detroit Bad Boys group on Flickr is growing nearly everyday. We had 163 pictures at this point last week; now, we have 192, all contributed from readers like you! (If you're not yet a member, join today -- it's free to sign up, and if you have a Yahoo! username, you already have a Flickr account waiting for you.) Here are some of my favorite new additions:


Submitted by: ActionFigure.

I think ActionFigure's own description of this picture says it best:

"Nice seats, hey bud? Tayshun Prince is inbounding the ball. Chauncy Billups is coming off of Rasheed Wallace's screen. Mike Dunleavy is wondering how he is playing in the same league as the Detroit Pistons starting 5."

I love the way the cutting Billups is a complete blur while the screening Rasheed is in clear focus. The vantage point certainly helps frame the picture, but it took someone who knows how to handle a camera to pull this off. Nice work!


Submitted by: Ian Cameron.

DBB's own Ian Cameron posted this gem, though I have a feeling it was his lovely fiancee who dressed up poor Winston and snapped the picture. Not that he needed any help, but I actually think the colors make Winston look even tougher.


Submitted by ladiesluvbuddy.

I sense a theme here. Buddy may not look quite as tough as Winston, but if his jersey is any indication, he comes through in the clutch when he's needed late in the game. What precisely constitutes "clutch" in a game of fetch, I'm not sure, but still . . . don't knock his skills.