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Are the Red Wings still relevant?

As far back as January people were talking about how the Pistons may have passed the Red Wings in terms of popularity in Metro Detroit. The Detroit News re-visited the topic today, comparing local television ratings:

Ratings trends indicate the Pistons have surpassed the Wings. Up until the lockout season in 2004-05, the Wings traditionally outdrew the Pistons on FSN Detroit. The disparity was often large, as many as four ratings points in favor of the Wings.

Now, the Pistons are averaging 6.0 for the regular season, while the Wings are at 4.7.

Granted, I've never been much of a fan of televised hockey, but I'm actually surprised the disparity is so small. I hear the Red Wings are in first, but I couldn't tell you with any degree of certainty if that means first in the division, conference or league. Are there any DBB readers out there who are still hard-core hockey fans?

A Palace coup for Pistons: Their TV ratings top Wings [Detroit News]