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Rasheed on seeing Darko tonight

The Pistons will be reunited with Carlos Arroyo and Darko Milicic tonight in Orlando. From the Detroit News:

Arroyo is averaging 11 points since the trade. Milicic, playing 21 minutes, is averaging 7.9 points, 4.6 rebounds and 2.32 blocks.

"I told you all (that he could play) but you didn't want to listen," Rasheed Wallace said of Milicic. "You all thought I was full of it. But I told a lot of people that all Darko needed was some time and he couldn't get it here because he was playing behind me, Dyess (Antonio McDyess ) and Ben (Wallace). Darko is all right."

Chauncey Billups , sitting a couple of chairs over, said with a laugh, "I wish we would have played Darko instead of you."

To which Wallace replied, "Yeah, and I wish we had Chris Paul as our point guard."