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More Miami aftermath

As expected, there is lots of Piston banter in today's Daily Dime, after last night's win over the Heat, inlcluding this quote:

Against a team like that, you have to do everything right. Once again, they capitalized off our mistakes. They just played well. When we play that team, we have to do everything right."
-- Heat center Shaquille O'Neal, after his team lost 95-82 to the Pistons.

[ Kazaam is coming closer to actually giving the Boys in Blue credit for a win. You know things in Miami are bad when even their delusions are in disarray.]

And Greg Anthony weighs in on the Heat's problems with an article entitled "What were the Heat thinking?" A couple of quotes:

While watching the Detroit Pistons go into Miami on Thursday and beat the Heat in their final regular-season meeting, 95-82, I saw a lot of things that are going to have to change if the Heat hope to earn a return trip to the conference finals.

And it isn't as simple as getting Alonzo Mourning, Jason Williams and James Posey healthy.

This was a big statement by the Pistons. When you can go on a road and beat the Heat likes this, it says something.

What does it say about Shaq's team? I don't think Miami's strong enough mentally to beat Detroit.