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Poll results: the Detroit sports spotlight is shared

Okay, okay, we get the point -- based upon our recent poll, it appears that the Red Wings are still somewhat relevant on the Detroit sports landscape. But by no means do they dominate the scene. The Pistons' sustained excellence deserves recognition as well.

Althought 46% of you felt that "the Pistons are the top dogs now" and another 17% of you took the extreme stance, questioning whether "people still play hockey?", this is a Pistons site, and we’d expect at least the inverse were the poll conducted on a Wings site. So -- with the remaining 37% of you proudly proclaiming that "Detroit will always be Hockeytown!" -- Matt and I must admit that the Detroit sports stage is a shared one.

Fortunately for fans, with the Pistons and Wings leading their respective leagues down the stretch, celebrating championships in basketball and hockey is not an either/or proposition. I'd hope (even expect) that we all will be cheering on both teams in the playoffs. Perhaps best stated by Detroit Bad Boys regular Deho75, should the Pistons and Wings both bring home the hardware, fans of each can "buy each other a cigar and puff away."

Are we getting greedy here? Nah...