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Transplant fans should root for the Mavs

While listening to the local sportstalk stationSportstalk 980 in D.C. last night after the Wizards game, I learned something of interest to fellow transplanted Piston fans. If Dallas sweeps Memphis tonight, Game 5 of Pistons v. Bucks will be on TNT on Wednesday night. But, should the Grizzlies pull out the W tonight, the Pistons would be relegated (again) to NBATV in lieu of Grizz/Mavs v5.0, and Piston fans outside of Michigan will be forced to watch the game from their local drinking establishment. (The horror!)

I know this issue has come up in the discussions on other posts, and it is frustrating for those of us outside the state, for sure. But I haven't been able to get myself too worked up about this yet. The Pistons/Bucks series has been consistently mediocre, and national interest is low.

And maybe if the Boys in Blue continue to toil in obscurity, they can get some of their "Me against the World" back. Those were the days, huh?

Michael Redd knows how to shoot and such [Yay! Sports]