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Who wants to play with an Inflatable Damon Jones?

LeBron James would like an Inflatable Damon JonesDamon Jones, who I think enjoys being quoted in the papers and showing off his wardrobe on TV more so than actually playing basketball, weighed in on the Inflatable Defender:

Damon Jones chimed in on what an inflatable Jones would look like.

"It would be in a shooting stance," Jones said. "There would be a string in the back, and when you pull the string it would say funny things. It would talk about teamwork and moving the basketball."

Wallace could not imagine a Jones inflatable figure.

"What are [kids] going to do with that figure, play with it for only 14 seconds?" said Wallace, about Jones only playing 14 seconds but hitting the winning shot in Game 6 against the Washington Wizards.

Hey Damon, here's a tip for your comedy routine: only in Cleveland is talking about "teamwork and moving the basketball" considered funny. Everywhere else, that's just how you play the game.

Marshall clarifies comments [Cleveland Plain Dealer]