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Chauncey Billups still has no shortage of confidence

If people thought Chauncey Billups was cocky before, then they're going to love his explanation for why Cleveland came back in the fourth quarter on Tuesday. From the Detroit Free Press:

"I think they went away with a little confidence," Pistons point guard Chauncey Billups said. "But I don't think it was what they did; I think it was what we didn't do. We got a little undisciplined in our schemes and the things we talked about and did for seven straight quarters.

"I think it came so easy for us that we got a little complacent."

And how come Billups' scoring is down (from 22 to 14.5) in this series compared to the first round?

"Honestly, I haven't really looked to score," Billups said. "Our whole thing is, we play inside out, we try to get our post man aggressive, and we play off them.

"When I get my opportunities, I take them. I've been more focused on keeping (Tayshaun Prince) aggressive, so he can go at LeBron and make him play defense. But I feel with the ball in my hands, I can take over at any time."

In my opinion, it's not "cocky" when you can back it up, and so far the Pistons have certainly done their part. I'm actually eager to see Billups focus a bit more on scoring -- the Eric Snow matchup, while not as bad as the T.J. Ford one, is just begging to be exploited.

Cavaliers appear to be chasing false hope [Detroit Free Press]