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DBB readers take good pictures


We've had a lot of great additions to the Detroit Bad Boys group on Flickr, including over 70 pictures from Game 2 (thanks, Joe!). Here are some that caught my eye:

Pistons0001_7    Pistons0001_44

That's Rasheed Wallace above on the left attempting a three-point shot with a ball in each hand, and on the right is Ben Wallace playing some tough defense on Drew Gooden. Below on the left is Chauncey Billups on PalaceVision during the pre-game, and on the right is Tayshaun Prince inbounding the ball during Game 5 against the Bucks (nice work, Comstock!)

Pistons0001_10   Pistons vs. Bucks

Check out the Detroit Bad Boys group on Flickr to peruse over 300 reader-submitted pictures (as this is being published, there are exactly 313 pictures -- it's a sign!), and when you're done, add your pictures!