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YouTube: Chauncey then and now

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

I could waste hours of my life in the vast video wasteland that is YouTube (if I haven't already). But occasionally you stumble across a gem, and in this case it's a video mix of Chauncey's high school, college, and pre-Pistons highlights. The vid is only 3 minutes long, but it gives you a sense of Chauncey's game back in the day. A noticeably skinnier Chauncey, wearing number 4, shows that icy confident demeanor that drives opponents crazy and sports a high top fade to boot.

When you are finished with old-school Chauncey, check out the second YouTube clip below (that's right, a double feature!) to see the modern version of Mr. Big Shot, of-course sporting the Piston #1. Enjoy.

Chauncey Billups -- The Beginning [YouTube]
Chauncey Billups -- Pistons Mix [YouTube]