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Arnie Kander’s alternative medicine

John Niyo wrote an interesting article in Saturday's Detroit News on Arnie Kander, the Pistons strength and conditioning coach. What was one of the remedies Kander used to keep Rip on the court after spraining his ankle in the first round? The answer lies in your refrigerator's crisper drawer, not your medicine cabinet:

Cucumbers, carrots, pumpkin seeds and celery.

"Grind it up in a juicer, and you've got an unbelievable detoxifier," said Kander, in his 14th season with the Pistons. "You put that on a bruise, and 24 hours later it's gone. You put it right on the skin -- I use tape to really work it in there -- and when you take it off, (the paste) is black. It just pulls the bruise right out."

Keeping Rip intact [Detroit News]