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The Knicks may buy out Larry Brown

Larry Brown is apparently confident in his masculinityThat didn't take long, but I guess 23-59 will do it. From the New York Daily News:

Madison Square Garden chairman James Dolan apparently has started the process of ending Larry Brown's dream job after one season.

According to sources, Dolan, upset over Brown's record and the coach's public criticism of his players, is considering buying out the final four years of Brown's contract, worth at least $40 million.

The Knicks declined to comment, and would neither confirm nor deny one published report that already is naming Knicks president Isiah Thomas as Brown's successor. Brown has indicated that he will not resign, but if Thomas takes over, the Knicks would avoid having to pay another coach upwards of $5 million annually.

Thomas, who coached the Pacers from 2000-2003 but never got them out of the first round of the playoffs, is said to be amenable to coaching the Knicks, one source told the New York Daily News.

Even if Brown wanted to quit he wouldn't resign -- that's not his style, at least not with $40 million on the table. Unfortunately, even if this is true, I doubt we've seen the last of him. Oh sure, I'm sure his coaching days are over (well, they've unofficially been over for more than a year now -- his indecision from game to game just destroyed the Knicks this year), but there's probably some team out there who'll throw money at him to run their front office. Denver, perhaps?

The funniest thing of all is that Isiah Thomas may actually come out on top, taking over the job most people assume he's been eyeing ever since he took the job as Knicks president. It's truly amazing -- it's no different than if Matt Millen suddenly named himself the Lions' new head coach. (Though, whether people like to admit it or not, Thomas actually has a winning career record from his three-year stint guiding the Pacers.)

And as down as I still am about the Pistons' Game 3, being reminded of LB's constant drama does make me appreciate a little bit more what we have in Flip.

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