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Anderson Varejao is not a little bit crazy

This was buried near the bottom in an article on today:

McDyess left Saturday's game briefly in the second quarter with what appeared to be some type of left arm injury. On Sunday, McDyess said he was in pain after Varejao apparently bit him.

"He chewed it off or something," McDyess said, jokingly. "I kind of elbowed him, but it caught him in the mouth and -- he had a big old bite print on my arm. He's a wild guy. You have to stay away from him, or you'll get hurt."

I can't stand Sideshow Varejao, but I think that's the point. The NBA needs more players like him -- characters whom opposing fans love to hate, but deep down inside admit that maybe, just maybe they'd appreciate having him on their team. Whether it's getting physical with the other team or just standing there looking silly with all that hair, the game is just that much more interesting when he's on the court.

And, just to balance out our "praise" for the guy with some good ol' fashioned mockery, let me pose the question I first asked last month: In no particular order, one of the pictures below is an NBA player, one is a popular Simpsons character, and another is a former American Idol winner. Can you guess which is which?

A singer, a baller and a cartoon.

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